Introducing FreightSnap

FreightSnap is a revolutionary, new dimensioning and documentation solution for the freight industry. FreightSnap was developed by entrepreneurs that understood the challenges both financially and operationally in the adoption of any technology throughout the supply chain. The goal was to develop the most cost-effective approach to dimensioning on the market. We developed our products to be very flexible and to utilize today’s leading edge technology (i.e. smartphones and tablets).

FreightSnap allows everyone in the supply chain to easily access the captured data and integrate it into their current operational systems. We have tailored our products for carriers, shippers, 3PLs, and customs brokers of any size to allow them to gather as much data as possible while at the same time not straining existing capital and IT budgets. Dimensional freight pricing is quickly coming to the US market and FreightSnap will allow you to have an easy transition. Get ahead of the curve and sign up with FreightSnap today!

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truck2 Cubic data can provide billing, operational, and pricing information that is valuable in today's ultra-competitive LTL environment. FreightSnap offers a compelling value proposition to carriers of any size due to the 3D system and mobile capabilities.

Drivers can use the product on a shipper’s dock, account representatives can quote freight based upon actual packaging and dimensions, and the pricing department can use all of the data to better understand costs per customer. The 3D system allows carriers to profile customer shipments in just seconds on their cross docks.
FreightSnap provides an automated measurement system that mounts above the freight on the ceiling and creates a 3D model of the freight, which then is used by our proprietary algorithms to do a complete dimensional analysis or cube of the pallet. The system catalogs the pallets based upon a scanned or entered Pro or Shipment number that can tie the pallets to a customer shipment. Optionally, the system can be tied to a scale and the weight can either be electronically interfaced or entered at the point of measurement.

The FreightSnap data collection system includes 3D, 2D with live cameras, smartphones, and tablets for mobile collection. All of the data is stored in the FreightSnap Proprietary Cloud and can be accessed with our Open Database Web Service (ODWS) system. The ODWS is a free service offered by FreightSnap and can be utilized by customers for seamless data integration.


FreightSnap offers multiple data collection methods to image all of your freight, catalog with over ten different user selected parameters, and utilize the data to supplement transactions, damage claims, and freight reviews. With the FreightSnap 3D platform, shippers have the same capabilities as carriers in measuring their palletized freight to within one-inch accuracy on each dimension. The freight is measured, images captured, and all data stored securely in the FreightSnap Proprietary Cloud for access within 1 second.

FreightSnap offers complete integration access via our proprietary Open Database Web Service (ODWS) system. With ODWS, shippers can quickly integrate data to simple tools like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server Database, and other ERP, TMS, and Warehouse systems. Through the FreightSnap Portal, shippers can seamlessly communicate with their customers, carriers, 3PLs and other members within their supply chain.

Third Party Logistics

Whether you're an asset-based 3PL with an international presence and multiple cross docks or a simple broker advising clients, FreightSnap provides a great way to add a level of transparency never before possible. Providing a better value of service to your clients is the name of the game in today's competitive landscape and FreightSnap provides a great platform with a proven ROI. Shippers are demanding enhanced service offerings and better efficiencies; with FreightSnap, a 3PL can meet that challenge.

Shippers are able to provide complete dimensional information on any shipment by utilizing 1 of 3 proven FreightSnap data collection systems. FreightSnap 3D automatically measures pallets by simply staging them under the proprietary FreightSnap 3D camera mounted from the ceiling. The dimensions and images are stored in our proprietary cloud database system and is available for integration.

Other automated data collection methods such as live security cameras, smartphones, and tablets can also be utilized in conjunction with the patent pending FreightSnap Image Measurement Platform. A 3PL can now have complete integration and transparency with their clients by offering the FreightSnap capabilities and interfacing with our proprietary Open Database Web Service (ODWS) system.

Customs Broker
FreightSnap provides a simple platform for brokers to document containers, catalog all of the contents, and provide this information through our online portal within minutes of the images being taken. The system works in both offline and online mode so that a broker can optimize efficiencies while at the dock where a data connection may not be available. truck2