FreightSnap Vs. Competitors

What Makes FreightSnap Different From the Competition

Ten years ago, we set out to create a Dimensioner that was faster, easier to install, simpler to integrate, and less expensive than the existing legacy alternatives. We were successful, and now our products are relied upon daily by the largest National LTL Carriers like Estes Express, RoadRunner, Averitt, Oak Harbor, Dayton Freight, Dependable Highway, and many others. Everyday our airline cargo carriers like American Airlines, Southwest, Amerijet, Polar, Strat, and others use FreightSnap to size their cargo. International Freight Forwarders such as JAS, Kuehne & Nagel, Sterling, King Ocean, Maersk, Span Alaska, DHX, Approved Freight Forwarders and hundreds of others depend upon FreightSnap Dimensioners.

And now, with the entire shipping industry being mandated to provide accurate cubing data, manufacturers and distributors are turning to FreightSnap Automated Dimensioning and Freight Documentation Systems to minimize shipping costs and improve their operations. Companies like Emerson, General Motors, Lozier, Turn 5, Auto Metal Direct, Advanced Micro Devices, ThyssenKrupp, Kroger, Allied Moulded, The Senator Group, Coaster Furniture, Setina Manufacturing, are leading the way to modernizing their operations with FreightSnap.

For a Dimensioner to work well, it must be space efficient, easy to operate, talk to your existing devices, and seamlessly integrate with your back-office systems. Companies are experiencing uncommon challenges with employee turnover, training, and rising distribution costs. The intuitive nature of our systems makes it easier when you have so many people coming and going who need to rely upon the systems to move your freight. The FreightSnap approach is simple, listen on the front end of the discussion, provide the right solution, and then stay with you until you have achieved success. That approach has taken us from young a young upstart to the industry leader in ten years’ time.

Discover the FreightSnap Difference and you will understand why we say, it’s not just a Dimensioner, it’s a solution.

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