FS 5000 Pallet Dimensioner

The Fastest, Most Reliable, and Most Affordable Pallet Dimensioner on the Market

The FS 5000 is a fully automated Dimensioning System which has been certified in 64 Countries through specific testing by NTEP, OIML, and Measurement Canada. It can accurately measure freight sitting on a scale, a forklift, under a pallet wrapper, or just on the floor. The FS 5000 is the most implemented pallet dimensioning solution in North America since 2015. 

FS5000 Pallet Dimensioner Measurement Range

FS5000 Pallet Dimensioner Measurement Capabilities
Accuracy +/- 0.5″
Min Object Size 6″ x 6″ x 6″
Max Certified Object Size* 120″ x 120″ x 96″

*Max capacity is NTEP certified; dimension capacities dependent upon customization

FS5000 Pallet Dimensioner Specifications

Measures cubic and irregular shapes Yes
Handles any color package material Yes
Measures colored and transparent shrink wraps Yes
Captures photos of freight for documentation Yes
Certifications NTEP, OIML, Measurement Canada
Installation Requirements
Common installation environments Warehouses, trucking docks, distribution centers
Space required for installation 10 square feet
Suggested ceiling height for installation Hung from ceiling using Unistrut or high-strength cables
Electrical requirements 13 feet or higher
Common triggering methods Scan barcode, trigger from web app, or enter manually from computer/handheld device
Common integration methods Installed over floor or forklift scales as well as over a pallet wrapper
Works in all indoor lighting conditions Yes
Operating temperature 14°F – 104°F
Data Storage Options

FreightSnap offers three options for storing the data collected by your dimensioner. A brief description of each is listed below. For more information, visit our data storage page.

Private Account on the Shared Cloud Send data to a private account on our shared cloud. Hosted and managed by FreightSnap.
Private Cloud Send data to a private cloud exclusive to your business. Hosted and managed by FreightSnap.
Your Current Solution Store data on your existing cloud or server setup.
Integration Methods

The dimensions, weight, and photos collected by our dimensioners can be integrated into WMS, TMS, and ERP systems in three different ways. To set up a more detailed discussion of your integration needs and options, please contact us.

FreightSnap API Use our API to pull data from our Cloud Storage Solutions into your preferred back-office system.
Web Service Push dimensional data straight to your JSON, SOAP, or RESTful web service.
Custom File Image We will send an image file containing the appropriate meta data to your servers. You can then decide how to parse the data into your systems.

Dimensioning System Triggering Options

Isometric illustration of FreightSnap's handheld barcode scanner triggering option.

Handheld Scanner

Isometric illustration of a forklift using FreightSnap's hanging barcode scanner triggering option.

Hanging Scanner

Isometric illustration of a man using FreightSnap's workstation triggering option.


Isometric illustration of a handheld triggering device that can be used with FreightSnap dimensioners.

Handheld Triggering App

Dimensioning System Equipment Integration Options

Getting pallet dimensions right is critical for supply chain efficiency. With FreightSnap’s innovative pallet dimensioning systems, you can easily integrate advanced dimensioning capabilities into your warehouse operations. Bring intelligent pallet dimensioning to your facility with FreightSnap. Our flexible systems are designed to suit your exact workspace and workflow requirements.

Contact us today to discuss how dimensioners can maximize efficiency, volume, and profitability.

fs 5000 pallet dimensioner product over floor scale

Floor Scale

fs 5000 pallet dimensioner product over forklift scale

Forklift Scale

fs 5000 pallet dimensioner product over conveyor scale

Inline Systems

fs 5000 pallet dimensioner product over pallet wrapper

Pallet Wrapper

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