FreightSnap’s FS 5000 and FS Parcel Now Integrate to CargoWise


FreightSnap’s popular FS 5000 pallet dimensioner and FS Parcel small package dimensioner are now compatible with CarogWise One – one of the industry’s leading single-platform supply chain management tools.

According to Michael Eichenberg, CEO of FreightSnap, this new integration makes their dimensioners a common-sense solution for freight forwarders and other enterprises looking to supplement their CargoWise systems with certified measurements.

“We’ve integrated our dimensioners with key software packages in the past – Magaya, TGIF, Carrier Logistics and others,” said Eichenberg. “The ability to push measurements into these systems in just a few seconds has added tremendous value for our customers, and now that we’ve integrated with CargoWise, we’ve opened the door to automated dimensioning for hundreds of other companies.”

CargoWise Users Agree

Troy Plotkin, Vice President of Operations for Approved Forwarders, a California based Freight Forwarder and CargoWise user, has seen the impact of dimensioning first hand. His company asked FreightSnap to integrate their dimensioners to the CargoWise system in March 2017.

“Dimensioners make a lot of sense and certainly can help scale daily measuring and weighing tasks, but without integration of the information into our back-office systems, any efficiency gains would be lost,” said Plotkin. “FreightSnap worked with our CargoWise integrator to make the process seamless, and we’ve been happy with the results.”

FreightSnap Sees Expansion with Forwarders and Others

Historically speaking, LTL carriers were the first to adopt automated dimensioning equipment. More recently, however, FreightSnap has seen interest in dimensioning grow to other segments of the supply chain. According to Eichenberg, freight forwarders, shippers and distribution centers are starting to inquire with greater regularity.

“In the last year and half, our customer base has certainly diversified, and it’s a trend we expect to continue,” said Eichenberg. “As domestic LTLs continue to expand their dimensioning programs, it’s logical for the companies dealing with them to see the value as well. Anyone dealing with density requirements oversees can clearly see the benefits.”

If 2018 picks up where 2017 left off, FreightSnap’s expectations are warranted. According to Eichenberg, more than a dozen new forwarders and shippers have signed on with FreightSnap in the last 10 months – some purchasing multiple pallet and package dimensioning units. In fact, in the last three years, FreightSnap has installed more than 220 units in the United States alone.

In addition, the WCA organization, a large, independent network of freight forwarders with members across the globe, has also endorsed FreightSnap as their preferred vendor for cubing and dimensioning solutions. This endorsement is already helping FreightSnap bring their first units to the Asian market, with installs scheduled in China and Thailand for December 2017.

“We experienced a lot of growth this year,” said Eichenberg. “Part of that is our ability to integrate with a variety of back-office applications, part is the fact that our solutions are lower cost than our competition, and part can be attributed to the certifications we’ve earned. Our FS 5000 was just recently certified in Canada, and we’ll be pursuing OIML certification (Europe) in early 2018.”


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Michael Eichenberg is the co-founder and CEO of FreightSnap, allowing the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, distribution and transportation industries to measure, weigh, photograph and ID pallets and parcels in just seconds. Learn more and share your ideas on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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