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With the ever-increasing speed of technology and the ever-decreasing patience of customers, having accurate freight documentation is a necessity for having a smooth and effective shipping process. However, it can be a slow process and if done incorrectly can cost you time and money. Fortunately, the FS Image Station makes documenting freight more efficient, easy, and affordable. 

With the FS Image Station, you are automatically able to capture photos of your freight, from all vantage points with up to eight cameras. The included Image Station software allows you to record and track key shipment details such as your Shipment Cataloging Number, Dimensions, Origin and Destination, Weight, and more. This allows you to keep all the important key shipping details and photos in one place. 

  The FS Image Station gives you the option to integrate the photos and information captured into your own WMS or ERP system, or store it on the FreightSnap Cloud. The FreightSnap Cloud is a great archival tool for tracking all of your shipments and provides seamless access to two years worth of shipping data which can be shared with your logistics partners as needed. Everyone has to deal with damaged shipments from time to time and the Image Station and Cloud Repository provide necessary documentation when filing claims.

  The FS Image Station is fully customizable to your company’s process. The unit can be installed anywhere, even over freight scales or pallet wrappers.  Generally, cameras are mounted to the custom Image Station frame, but customers have the option to mount cameras anywhere for perfect vantage points and ultimate flexibility. And guess what, when you’re ready to step up to automated dimensioning. FreightSnap offers packages that will work with the existing equipment when you’re ready.

“Oftentimes customers ask me about the ROI when using freight documentation or dimensioning products. And I always tell them that time is money, and what we do in 1-2 seconds takes minutes for most companies. Once they see our systems in action, all of their questions about ROI are answered,” explained Justin Dixon, Product Manager for FreightSnap LLC. 


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