See FreightSnap at One of Three Trade Shows Set in January or February


With a new year comes a whole new list of trade shows and expos to get excited about – and FreightSnap will be at a few of the big ones in January and February.

First Up – SMC3’s Annual Jump Start Conference (January 22-24, Atlanta, GA)

Jump Start gives attendees a chance to network with key players across the supply chain, and take in lectures given by some of the industry’s leading minds. To schedule a meeting with us at the show, just reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get something on the books while we’re there.

Next on the list – Cargo Logistics Canada (February 6-8, Vancouver, BC)

This is the only show we have scheduled in Canada so far in 2018, so make it a point to see us if you’re there. During the three-day show at Vancouver Convention Center West, we’ll be hosting two raffle contests where anyone can enter to win $5,000 off a FreightSnap pallet dimensioner and/or a brand-new iPad! Winners will be drawn in booth #641, at the end of the show.

With our FS 5000 pallet dimensioner now officially certified as “legal for trade” by Measurement Canada, this is the perfect time to come learn about one of the industry’s most popular and affordable pallet dimensioning solutions. We’ll also have information available on our FS Parcel small package measuring device, which gives shippers and forwarders a quick and easy way to measure, weigh and document boxes, poly-bags and other small shipments.

Closing out February – Air Cargo 2018 (February 18–20, Austin, TX)

The Air Cargo show brings some of the biggest airlines, airport authorities, truckers, freight forwarders and vendors together under one roof. If you’re looking for an opportunity to network with major decision makers across the air cargo supply chain, or learn more about our dimensioning solutions, there’s no better place to do it.

We’ve outfitted a variety of airlines, forwarders and trucking companies with our dimensioning solutions in the past, so we know what it takes to make them work seamlessly with your operation. See us in booth #417 to learn more.


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