Improve your Freight images with Automatic Background Replacement

Freight Image Background Remover

The challenge of Capturing Clear Freight Images

The fast-paced environment of a warehouse often makes it a difficult task to capture clear, uncluttered images of your freight. Background distractions can compromise the quality of these photos, making it difficult for customers to analyze the condition of their shipment.

Leveraging Machine Learning for Freight Photography

At FreightSnap, we’ve leveraged the power of machine learning with our dimensioning systems to develop a plugin software designed to transform the way you photograph freight. This innovative software accurately identifies the freight, removes the distracting background, and allows you to replace it with a background of your choosing. Whether you prefer a simple color, watermark, or a combination of both, the resulting image focuses solely on the freight, ensuring a cleaner, more professional look.

The FS Object Detection Background Remover Plugin

The FS Object Detection Background Remover plugin effectively addresses a common challenge that users may encounter when integrating a dimensioning system into their warehouse operations. By providing a visually clean and clutter-free presentation, it not only eliminates any confusion but also simplifies the presentation of detailed reports, catalogs, and post-pickup displays showcasing the customer’s freight.

See the Difference in Your Freight Images

To see the difference our software can make, check out these ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of the same freight item.

For more information on how our automatic background replacement system can help you enhance the quality of your freight images, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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